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Rough Sleeper Outreach and Support

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What makes us a caring organization

We believe every person has value!

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It is the belief of Project 16:15, that each and every one of us, regardless of background, social status, religeous beliefs, sexuality, gender, finacial status or education has equal value. We all of us matter to someone, and everyone of has experienced  pain, heartache, lonliness, even fear in some form.
We can spend so much time arguing policies and agendas, theologys and principles that we miss that moment when another womans son or daughter, another childs mother or father  fades away from sight. Lost to isolation and lonliness, fear and depression, ending up yet another  life on the streets, where prostitution, abuse and drug dependancy can become the norm. Project 16:15 aims to demonstrate, through an absolute revolution in kindness, genuine compassion and practical examples lived out, that there is hope, that there is purpose, for everyone.

Project 16:15, or any projects run from it, does not come with conditions or hoops to jump through. Our team members and supporters come from every avenue of life, religeon, gender, background, political position and social standing. What unites us is the genuine  love, compassion and help we offer, freely given, without prejudice or judgement to all. 

Project 16:15 and every single supporter is here to show the beating heart of compassion that is capable of living in all mankind. To reach out with a cup of tea, a listening ear, a smile and open arms to each and every person that crosses our path. Project 16:15 says that regardless of what choices got you to where you are, where you are is exactly where we are going to meet you. Because every single individual has value and is worth enough for us to come.

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You Can Help Us Help Another

" We are all of us just one bad decision, one wrong choice away from waking up with nothing except the kindness of a stranger"​​​​​​​


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Please Help Now

You Can Help Us Help Others

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Get involved with one of our many forward thinking, often pioneering projects. All of which are designed to enable us to work in partnership with the homeless community, and in so doing show them their worth and value.

Donating items such as blankets, sleepingbags,camping equipment,socks,t.shirts,winter essentials and food items all make a huge difference. We dont hand out randomly, but as the only street level service provider that goes direct to the need every day, we take it where it makes the most difference.



Like and follow us on Facebook. By commenting on and sharing our posts, you will be enabling others to get a glimpse of what the reality of street homelessness is in our town. Awareness is key to change. And you can be a part of that.


Nothing says you have worth 

quite like breakfast in bed.

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Christmas Breakfast

Breakfast in Bed

We hold a Christmas breakfast event each year, and are blessed to serve a multitude of people. With not just breakfast, but also personalised gifts, through Anya's Wish. Fun,laughter,respect,value and worth.

This is an amazing timeand open to all to come. Whether to help or just share the moment.

Blank Canvas Missions Outreach, aims to ensure that every member of our community, not only feels valued. But knows they have value.

To acheive this, amongst other things, we serve breakfast in bed to all those we find on the streets of Northampton, every single morning. Letting everyone know that they are worth enough for us to come.

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Love Day Dinner

Valentines day is known as the day of love. Hence we call it Love Day. 

In 2017 we set up an outdoor resturant and served our homeless community, with a three course meal. with love, with worth, with value and with respect. We did the same in 2018 at the Working Mens Club, and shall do the same every year.

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Homeless F.C.

At the start of 2019 we, alongside members of the homeless community formed a football team. This not only gives our guys a sense of pride, purpose and a feeling of worth. It also enables them to raise money for other charities. 

They selected the Lowdown for their charity tournament at Franklins Gardens.

You can if you are able,support us financially, through one of the links on this page. or contact us to discuse how you might want to help. We are constantly looking to run fundraisers,promote local business and gain sponsors for our football team and events. Whether a pound or a hundred every penny makes a difference to those who have nothing.

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To get in touch with us or for more information please fill in the details requested.

We will get back to you at the first avaliable opportunity.

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"Everyone deserves to know they have value. Your donation no matter how small carries that message loudly"

You could change a life today