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Rough Sleeper Outreach and Support

We Don't Simply " Help the Homeless" We "Partner" With Them.

The Journey of a Revolution

This is the story of Blank Canvas Missions: Project 16:15 Outreach. A Revolution in Kindness that pushes boundaries, disrupts barriers and changes the perception of society, to those for whom the streets have become home.

Back in the October of 2017, at a time when the "Beast from the East" was raging across our nation, it became the mission of one man to reach out to the homeless community in a way noboddy had done before, not just in Northampton, but across the nation. It became the vision, the drive, the passion of one man to demonstrate through a revolution in kindness that all mankind has value and worth, equal to each other. There has always been homeless related projects, groups and charities. There has always been those who, with genuine compassion, set out to do what they can within the established network, within the recognised system and structure. But he wanted to do something differnt.

Blank Canvas Missions: Project 16:15 Outreach was that something differnt.  Instead of setting up in a singular location, and inviting those in need to come. Instead of taking a team to the streets of an evening, in the usual, and often degrading soup kitchen format. Project 16:15 made the declaration that regardless of what got you to where you are, regardless of what holds you where you are, you are worth more then what you have been led to believe you are worth. In fact you are worth enough for me to come, you are worth enough for me to meet you right where you are at, to not only serve you a cooked breakfast, but to offer you a sense of security, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and a sense of purpose.

What value a life?

How do we put a value on human life? How do we value our own life? Is it by how big our house is? How much our car cost? How much money we earn? 

Is our value related to what our friends, family, society thinks? Or are we only as valuable as our social media profile?

And how do we value the life of another? What guidline, what measuring stick do we use, to say who's worth what, who's worth more?

However we associate value with life, we probably would all agree that a life, anyones life, is worth more than fifteen pounds. Wouldn't we?

Yet fifteen pounds is the excepted value of a life on the streets of Northampton, and across many parts of this nation.

Fifteen pounds is how much an addict will offer to sell you something for, regardless of its true worth. Fifteen pounds is the price of the shame carried for sexual favours. Fifteen pounds is what it costs to buy the drug that hides the pain of a life in turmoil.

Blank Canvas Mission makes the claim that all life, regardless of situation, circumstance, social standing, gender, religion, or any possible factor, is equal in value, has immeasurable worth, and is deserving of dignity.  And that is the foundation everything we do springs from and is built upon.

It was decided that its not enough to simply open a door expecting all to simply walk through it, with gratitude and humble obedience. Instantly willing to jump through the hoops, meet the criteria, and comply to the demands in place, as such a practise just sets so many up to fail. What these guys needed  first and formost was to believe in their own worth, to begin to see their real value, to have those embers of purpose, dignity and self respect begin to spark back into existence. 

What these guys needed was someone who was willing to not just tell them, but show them the true value and worth of all human life.

​​​​​​​So thats what we did.

The excepted value of a life on the streets of Northampton is fifteen pounds!

​​​​​​​Think about that for a moment...

Blank Canvas Missions: Project 16:15 has in two years changed the perception and the awarness of Homelessness in Northampton. 

Blank Canvas Mission set out with a simple, yet profound objective. To demonstrate to others their value and worth through a simple revolution in kindness.

That platform we created, that value and worth we demonstrate daily, that unquechable compassion. 

Is Changing Lives

And our journey has not ended. Alongside many partners, including:

 ​​​​A need was seen and a seed was sown.

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Up untill that terrible winter of 2017/18, Northampton had no daily street level service provision for its rough sleepers. We had weekend soup kitchens, the Hope centre drop in facility, which was shrouded in confusion, where most of the public were concerned. We had Tuesday evening, Thursday afternoon and Sunday afternoon drop ins at local churches. The Jesus Centre when enough volunteers could be found, and the occasional other that would open their doors on the hope some might come. What we needed was someone who had the vision to change the picture, rewrite the narrative and make the decision to go.

To go and meet the need at the point of the need.

To go and be the hand that could lift another up.

To go and open the eyes of society to the humanity of homelessnes.

​​​​​​​To go to those who were looked upon as "The least of these" and show them that they are worth enough to come to.

Since then, and after 2 years  of standing in the gap, for much of it alone. After 2 years of being that voice in the wilderness, so often ignored. We have begun to see changes.

We are seeing changes in the accountability of local authority, in how it deals with rough sleepers.

We are seeing changes in the growth of understanding and support for the Hope Centre.

We are seeing a constantly changing attitude towards rough sleepers from the public and the media.

We are seeing more rough sleepers believing in their worth and so being enabled to engage with other services, and get of the streets.

We are seeing a growth in street level service providors, our visability and profile having created a platform.

But most importantly we are seeing a growth in those, who for so long have simply excepted a life without purpose, being enabled to see purpose again.

Our constant drive is for all mankind to be treated with dignity through the demonstration of value and worth..

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MOSounds/ Brighton Riot/ REME/ The Working Mens Club/ Northampton Fire Service/ The Lowdown/ Abington Park Surgery/ Goals/ The Saints/ The F.A./ NCC/ NBC/ Anyas Wish/ Minx Fit/ Tony Ansell/ Rhymetime Nursery/ St. Marys Church/ Rushden & Diamonds/ Hackleton Youth Club/ And so many more , we have not only been enabled to keep going, to keep pioneering how value, worth and dignity should be transfered to those on our streets. But have also been able to form Northamptons Homeless Football Team.

One among many projects dedicated to our partnership with the street community. 

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Why not come along and be a part of this revolutionary journey. Join with us in making a real difference, to real lives, in real time.

The vision is growing, the voice getting louder.

But we can't do it alone.