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Rough Sleeper Outreach and Support

Blank Canvas Mission

Project 16:15

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Our Constitution

Updated May 30th 2019

A not for profit community benefit organisation structured for the purpose of bringing

value and worth to all within our community who, regardless of social status, gender,

sexuality, religion, situation or circumstance have found themselves trapped in a cycle of

poverty, depression, addiction, anxiety, shame. And through situations, regardless of

choice, have lost sight of their own self respect and self worth.

The CIO will through various projects and outreach methods engage with those who are

homeless, those who are destitute, those who are struggling, those who are hurting,

through acts of kindness offering practical aid, food, shelter, support, guidance and


The CIO through its mantra that all, regardless of situation or circumstance, are worth

enough for us to come, will use funding obtained through crowd funding, corporate

sponsorship, applications of grants and public donations, to provide all relevant and

needed support. Enabling all that we come into contact with to reach beyond where they

are at and take a hold of that which other services can offer.

We will offer safe environments, dignity, security, protection and a voice that will be

heard. We will offer ongoing support to every individual that needs it, until such a time as

they feel self enabled to step up without us.

The CIO’s number one aim is, through the application of the principle that

all mankind stands equal in value, is to build a foundation of dignity upon which others

can stand. Whether that be through the provision of material needs, compassion,

support, work/sport based activities, advice or by simply being available during a time of

grief, loneliness or depression

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