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We are aware of serious allegations made against a member of Project 16:15. These allegations are historical, dated prior to the inception of Project 16:15, and are in no way linked to activies carried out whilst represening Project 16:15.

As a registered charity, we take any allegation made against a member of our team seriously, and in line with our processes and safeguarding policy we have been conducting our own due diligence to investigate the matter. Our responsibilities and aims are to ensure that we protect you as our beneficiaries, our supporters, and the volunteers of the Project.

An internal investigaion has been carried out by the senior Project members into the allegations, with the full co-operation of the individual in question. We are satisfied at this time that the allegations are entirely unfounded.

We are aware that the allegations are in the hands of the Police and other agencies and we will fully co-operate with any forthcoming investigation if required, in conjunction with our legal advisers.

The details of the allegation and individual concerned will remain private.

Should you wish to raise any concerns or discuss anything in detail, these can be directed to:

Simon Rash, Project 16:15 Trustee at